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In February of 2011, the United Way of Treasure Valley (UWTV), in partnership with Saint Alphonsus Health System and St. Luke’s Health System, contracted with Boise State University to conduct a community assessment in the Treasure Valley (primarily Ada and Canyon Counties), which is home to approximately 40% of the state’s population. A community assessment is a process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting information about the needs of the community and the capacities or strengths that are also currently available to meet those needs.1 The report that follows details the findings of the Treasure Valley community assessment.

The community assessment is the first step in the process that UWTV and its community partners will use to prioritize their work over the next several years. The findings incorporate the results of a rigorous literature review, secondary data or "indicators," survey research, focus groups, and interviews with stakeholders and the affected populations. Note that the survey research was not a random sample survey, and as such, cannot be extrapolated to the general population.


This is a six-part document. Titles of each section are:

1-Background & Executive Summary

2-Education Findings

3-Health & Wellness Findings

4-Financial Independence & Basic Needs Findings

5-Refugee Issues

6-Surveys and Focus Group Findings

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