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The original Treasure Valley State of the Region Report (2006) describes the Boise- Nampa MSA using 49 indicators on social, economic, fiscal and environmental aspects of the region. Comparisons using the indicators are also made with peer regions in the Western United States. The rapid increase in growth in the Treasure Valley warrants a comprehensive look at the region. The Public Policy Center in the College of Social Science and Public Affairs at Boise State University initiated the production of this report to meet this need.

This report was assembled by faculty and graduate students in an effort to produce a fact based report using region wide data. It was also assembled as a starting point for understanding some of the issues and opportunities we face now and in the future.

The Progress Report 2008 is an effort to update many of the indicators presented in the Preliminary Report, and add new indicators based on feedback we received from the community. In the Progress Report, we include all of the original graphs, tables and indicator information, as well as updated graphs, tables and discussion where we found relevant data.1 More importantly, the Progress Report is designed to present to the readers an opportunity to evaluate the changes the region has made over time, and provide opportunity for dialogue on the effects of these changes.


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Gregory C. Hill

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