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This report presents the results from the fourth annual omnibus survey of the opinions held by Idahoans on public affairs issues. It builds upon its predecessors by asking many of the same questions that were posed to respondents during the past three years. Our intent is to build a longitudinal data-base so that trends in public opinion can be traced over time. In addition to the questions that we repeat from year to year, each volume of the Idaho Policy Survey contains findings that are derived from asking questions that bear upon topics that may be of special interest only during a particular year. Thus the reader is given information that allows over-time comparisons of enduring issues, as well as focused case studies of hot topics.

Volume 4 of the Idaho Policy Survey contains four sections. As in the three previous survey reports, the first section examines citizens' opinions on the quality of life in Idaho, and what problems facing the state are seen as the most important. The next section focuses on attitudes toward the federal, state, and local levels of government, as well as on the perceived fairness of different types of taxes and the degree of support for state spending increases in eleven broad service areas. The third section moves on to consider a variety of health and welfare issues. Finally, the last section explores how residents of the Gem State feel about potential environmental problems in Idaho. The report concludes with a methodological appendix that summarizes the procedure used to draw the sample and conduct the interviews.



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