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Annually, the Social Science Research Center at Boise State University conducts a large-scale survey of Idahoans, for use in identifying public policy concerns. This document is the primary vehicle for disseminating the results of the survey to Idaho citizens, to those individuals that participated in the survey; and to others that are interested in Idaho matters, such as state decision-makers and state agency heads.

This document reports the policy issues as identified by survey respondents, and makes no attempt to attach meaning to the findings. When available and appropriate, multi-year trend data and regional comparison of responses are presented.

There were 719 responses to the survey, which were obtained from an adjusted field sample of approximately 1,435 prospective respondents. The adjusted response rate for the 13th Annual Idaho Public Policy Survey is 50%. However, a better indicator of the representative nature of responses is found in the standard error (SE) of measurement calculation. For this survey, the estimated SE is: ± 3.7% at a 95% confidence-level.

In addition to statewide representation, valid responses were obtained from Idahoans in proportions that allow comparisons across six geographic regions of the State. The counties in the six regions are listed in Figure 1, which also depicts a county-level regional base map for the State of Idaho. Given the sampling procedures that were utilized in this study, it is possible to report the estimated SE for each region as well. The number of responses and the estimated SE for each region are also reported in Figure 1.



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