Policy Analysis in Brazil: A Comparison of Rationalist and Argumentative Approaches

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Policy analysis, as persuasively argued by Leonardo Secchi in his article, is weakly institutionalized in Brazil. The most intriguing part of Secchi's argument is that that there is now the opportunity for Brazil to combine the more traditional "rational" policy analysis approach with more deliberative, argumentative policy analysis. Secchi first demonstrates that there are a very limited number of public universities and federal agencies that actively teach or use rational policy analysis, which limits its impact. Secchi then demonstrates that there is the recent emergence of argumentative policy analysis, which is located within the expanding field of participatory politics and involves the introduction of new actors and ideas into formal public venues. Thus, in the context of weak institutionalization of rational policy processes and the recent introduction of participatory politics, we can now see that a new type of policymaking process is being constructed in Brazil.