Influences on Abortion Rates in America: A Multiple Regression Analysis

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Dr. Ross Burkhart


As one of the most vehemently argued topics of the last several decades, it is very important to be able to explain what leads women to get abortions and what can be done to prevent them from doing so. On one side, pro-life proponents argue that human life is valuable above all else and that abortion is never an option. On the other side, pro-choice advocates claim that a woman is sovereign over her own body and an intelligent enough human being to make the decision herself without obtaining societal permission. The ability to explain the variation in the number of abortions within a state is a very valuable political and social tool. This information has potential to help many people who are looking to reduce the number of abortions within their state and also to aid those attempting to prove that abortion is not the evil it is thought by so many to be. By explaining what causes an increase or decrease in the number of abortions within a state, steps can be taken by both sides of the controversial issue to forward their cause and to eliminate some of the stereotypes associated with women who do choose abortion. Educators can use the information to adjust particular programs to more appropriately affect the students they are trying to reach. A multiple regression analysis using dependent and independent variables from the SSPS CD-ROM, States.sav dataset, by Pollock III,P will be used as the basis for this research information.

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