Support for Success: An Exploration of the Support Networks of Latino Students in the College Assistance Migrant Program

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Publication Date

April 2010

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Dr. Sergio Romero


Research on Latino college students finds high attrition and low completion rates at the four-year level. This study explores the support networks of Latino students in the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) during their first year in college. Surveys and interviews were used to determine which individuals the students went to for support on academic matters, educational and occupational plans, personal matters, and information on job opportunities. The main goal of this study is to learn about the individuals that form the students’ support networks and the resources that emerge from the ties to those individuals for each type of support. The students were able to gain valuable resources through these ties, which helped them persist in college and navigate the school system. Findings indicate that CAMP staff and family are important sources of emotional and informational support for the students and are helpful in their adjustment and persistence in college.

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