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This report is the first component of a four-part study on skills alignment of Boise State University graduates and Boise City-Nampa Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) employers. This report frames the local economic and social environment through a demographic and socio-economic comparative analysis of the Boise City -Nampa MSA and 20 peer MSAs across the western United States. An employment analysis of the Boise City-Nampa MSA at the industry sector and industry sub-sector is also provided, identifying how the industry composition has changed following the Great Recession, which industries show area competitiveness through resilience to employment loss, if not growth, as well as which industries are heavily embedded within the Treasure Valley when compared to the nation. The employment analysis 'es directly into an industry sector analysis of the Treasure Valley. Interviews and focus groups with local business owners, economic developers and chambers of commerce representatives were conducted in early 2013 to provide insight into the local economy and its industry sectors. The report has potential to provide useful information for state and local representatives and institution a3emp'ng to foster a competitive region through policies and meeting employment and employer needs for successful outcomes. These three analyses comprise the first part of the larger four-part study.

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