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Publication Date

Fall 2012


This document reviews the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of wayfinding within the Boise and downtown areas. This project was done in coordination with the City of Boise Parks & Recreation (Boise P&R) Department as an in-class Service Learning component of the Community and Regional Planning course “CRP 503 Plan Making and Implementation” at Boise State University.

The purpose of this project is to develop a quality set of findings and recommendations that adhere to accepted planning processes and sound methodology. The goal from the onset is to develop content that is broad-based, all-inclusive, and will be helpful to Boise P&R in the future development of a detailed wayfinding plan.

This document identifies major destinations in the city and recommends designated routes to reach these destinations. Recommendations are also made in regards to the location and design of signage, the potential uses of technology within a wayfinding system, and the next steps to take in working toward the implementation of a wayfinding system.

This project referenced and incorporated wayfinding-related work already done by Boise P&R. This included what they see as their key assets, most popular recreation destinations, and typical park -user demographics. Incorporating existing plans allows for a better understanding of what had been considered by Boise P&R as well as what had worked and not worked in regards to wayfinding efforts in the past. While wayfinding can be designed for and used by major transit such as automobiles, this project sets out to focus on non-motorized users such as pedestrians and cyclists. Further consideration could be given to identify ways to improve wayfinding on a larger scale within the city to assist motorists.

One of the major findings of this project indicates that early and consistent communication among various stakeholders would be essential to developing a successful wayfinding system. Multiple agencies should have roles in the design and implementation. It is important that these organizations feel they have a place at the table to discuss their ideas and opinions. The Boise downtown area is in need of an integrated wayfinding system.

This project is a step forward in the development of a successful wayfinding system in the City of Boise.