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Actoprobe team had developed custom Tip Enhancement Raman Spectroscopy System (TERS) with specially developed Ultra High Aspect Ratio probes for AFM and TERS measurements for small pixel infrared FPA sidewall characterization. Using this system, we report on stimulated Raman scattering observed in a standard tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) experiment on GaSb materials excited by 637-nm pump laser light. We explain our results by TERS-inherent mechanisms of enormous local field enhancement and by the special design and geometry of the ultra- high-aspect-ratio tips that enabled conditions for stimulated Raman scattering in the sample with greatly enhanced resonance Raman gain when aided by a microcavity to provide feedback mechanism for the Raman emission. The approach has great potential for further, orders-of-magnitude, progress in TERS enhancement by significantly increasing its nonlinear component. We report development of novel class of probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM active optical probe - AAOP) by integrating a laser source and a photodetector monolithically into the AFM probe. The AAOPs are designed to be used in a conventional AFM and would enhance its functionality to include that of the instruments (NSOM, TERS, hybrid AFM).


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