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Two transiting planets have been identified orbiting K2 target EPIC 220674823. One object is an ultra-short-period planet (USP) with a period of just 0.57 days (13.7 hours), while the other has a period of 13.3 days. Both planets are small, with the former having a radius of Rp1 = 1.5 R and the latter Rp2 = 2.5 R. Follow-up observations, including radial velocity (with uncertainties of 110 ms−1) and high-resolution adaptive optics imagery, show no signs of stellar companions. EPIC 220674823 is the 12th confirmed or validated planetary system in which an ultra-short-period planet (i.e., having an orbital period less than 1 day) is accompanied by at least one additional planet, suggesting that such systems may be common and must be accounted for in models for the formation and evolution of such extreme systems.


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