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Background: Recruitment of nurse clinicians into academic nursing has been important in addressing the faculty shortage. A description of their experiences as novice faculty could provide insights into easing their transition and improving faculty retention. Method: A systematic review of existing qualitative evidence was conducted to describe how nurses experience the transition from clinical practice to nursing academic. Criteria established by the Joanna Briggs Institute guided the review. Results: The meta-synthesis of the 12 selected qualitative studies yielded 11 themes and four meta-themes, which included: Unprepared, No Longer an Expert, In Search of Mentoring, and Beginning to Thrive. Conclusion: The transition from expert clinician to novice faculty is difficult as teaching is different than practicing nursing. The expert clinicians often were unprepared for the demands of their faculty role and missed being experts. To begin to thrive, they needed orientation to the academic culture, intentional mentoring, and professional development in teaching and learning.

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