Type of Culminating Activity

Graduate Student Project

Graduation Date


Degree Title

Master of Music, Music Education



Major Advisor

James Andy Goodman, Ph.D.


The Elementary Honor Choir was for selected participants from Southwestern Idaho Elementary schools with a guest conductor, from Tacoma, Washington. Area Music Teachers supported this event by selecting students and preparing them in advance for the one-day rehearsal and performance. Through the process of preparation and rehearsals the students gained vocal development, further musicianship skills, camaraderie, and created an aesthetic musical experience. Attending elementary music teachers observed techniques for working with elementary choirs and details of teaching each song selection that they could take back to their individual classrooms to implement. The concert performance gave students the opportunity to implement the skills they learned, especially for those students who do not normally have opportunities for this type of experience. Through the funding of a grant from Idaho Commission of the Arts, a performance venue was used that was on the scale that could not be used in smaller schools within the Southwestern Idaho area. The ongoing goals of this project are that students gained enthusiasm and motivation to continue in music, to bring additional enthusiasm for performance to their own school music programs, and to make this Elementary Honor Choir a continuing, annual event in the Southwestern Idaho area.

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Other Music Commons