Submissions from 2022


Rejuvenating France’s Choir School Tradition: An Interview with Mark Opstad Artistic Director of La Maîtrise de Toulouse, C. Michael Porter

Submissions from 2018

Performance Anxiety and Memorisation: Tricks to Help You Avoid Having Memory Slips Under Pressure on Stage, Brian Hodges


Cello Secrets: Over 100 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Cellist, Brian Hodges and Jo Nardolillo

Submissions from 2016


Ana Batinica: Contemporary Classics from an Ancient Coast, Nicole Molumby

Submissions from 2015


The Effect of Behavioral Contracting on Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Performance Achievement on the Soprano Recorder, John Okley Egger, D. Gregory Springer, and Lori F. Gooding


The Effect of Incentives and Other Instructor-Driven Strategies to Increase Online Student Evaluation Response Rates, James Goodman, Robert Anson, and Marcia Belcheir


Beliefs of Applied Studio Faculty on Desirable Traits of Prospective Music Education Majors: A Pilot Study, Natalie Steele Royston and D. Gregory Springer

Submissions from 2014


An Exploratory Study of Musicians’ Self-Efficacy to Maintain Practice Schedules, Joanne P. Rojas and D. Gregory Springer

Submissions from 2013


Salzburg Chorbuch W.b. XIV Magnificat Traditions in Post-Tridentine Salzburg, C. Michael Porter

Creative Thinking in Orff Schulwerk, D. Gregory Springer


Preservice Music Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Popular Music in the Music Classroom, D. Gregory Springer and Lori F. Gooding

Submissions from 2012

Teaching Clarinet Fundamentals, Carola K. Winkle

Submissions from 2011


Demographics and Faculty Time Allocation of Music Education Professors in the United States, Wesley D. Brewer and David A. Rickels


Simply Madeleine: The Memoir of a Post-World War II French Pianist, Madeleine Forte

Submissions from 2010


Influences on Career Choice Among Music Education Audition Candidates: A Pilot Study, David A. Rickels, Kimberly H. Councill, William E. Fredrickson, Michelle J. Hairston, Ann M. Porter, and Margaret Schmidt

Books from 2005


No Wrong Notes, Norman Weinstein

Submissions from 2004

How To Buy a Step-Up French Horn, David Saunders

Submissions from 2000


Henry Wolking’s Ballet Forever Yesterday, Jeanne Marie Belfy

Submissions from 1995

Where Are the Euphoniums?, David Mathie

Submissions from 1994

Improving the Sound of Your Trombone Players, David Mathie

Submissions from 1992

A 20th-Century Alternative for the Alto Trombonist: Paul Hindemith's Sonata for Alto Horn, David Mathie

Submissions from 1991

'Judith' and the Louisville Orchestra: The Rest of the Story, Jeanne Marie Belfy

Submissions from 1990

"The Tournament of Tottenham": Music as Enhancement of the Prosody, Linda Marie Zaerr and Joseph Baldassarre

Submissions from 1986


Louisville Orchestra, Jeanne Marie Belfy