Flexible Thermoelectrics: High‐Performance Flexible Bismuth Telluride Thin Film from Solution Processed Colloidal Nanoplates (Adv. Mater. Technol. 11/2020)

Madhusudan Kongara, Boise State University
Tony Varghese, Boise State University
Karthik Chinnathambi, Boise State University
Jesse Schimpf, Boise State University
Josh Eixenberger, Boise State University
Paul H. Davis, Boise State University
Yaqiao Wu, Boise State University
David Estrada, Boise State University

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In article number 2000600, David Estrada and co‐workers demonstrate a low‐cost and room temperature method of producing colloidal thermoelectric nanoplatelets for scalable manufacturing of thermoelectric energy harvesters. This solution‐based approach is compatible with spin coating and aerosol jet printing, highlighting a wide range of thin film fabrication methods compatible with flexible polymer substrates. The thin films exhibit one of the highest reported peak power factors for solution processed thermoelectric materials.