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Thermoelectric properties of nanostructured half-Heusler Hf0.25Zr0.75NiSn0.99Sb0.01 were characterized before and after 2.5 MeV proton irradiation. A unique high-sensitivity scanning thermal microprobe was used to simultaneously map the irradiation effect on thermal conductivity and Seebeck coefficient with spatial resolution less than 2 μm. The thermal conductivity profile along the depth from the irradiated surface shows excellent agreement with the irradiation-induced damage profile from simulation. The Seebeck coefficient was unaffected while both electrical and thermal conductivities decreased by 24%, resulting in no change in thermoelectric figure of merit ZT. Reductions in thermal and electrical conductivities are attributed to irradiation-induced defects that act as scattering sources for phonons and charge carriers.


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Kempf, N., Karthik, C., Jaques, B.J., Gigax, J., Shao, l., Butt, D.P.,... Zhang, Y. (2018). Proton Irradiation Effect on Thermoelectric Properties of Nanostructured N-Type Half-Heusler Hf0.25Zr0.75NiSn0.99Sb0.01. Applied Physics Letters, 112(24), 243902.

and may be found at doi: 10.1063/1.5025071