Metamorphic Temperature Investigation of Coexisting Calcite and Dolomite Marble––Examples from Nikani Ghar Marble and Nowshera Formation, Peshawar Basin, Pakistan

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Using marble samples from the Nikani Ghar marble and Nowshera Formation from Northern Pakistan the determination of the temperature of metamorphism was undertaken with the help of calcite-dolomite solvus geothermometer. Two types of marbles, that is, calcite-dolomite marble and quartz-bearing calcite-dolomite marble were selected. Petrographic and scanning electron microscope analysis of dolomite samples indicated different grain sizes. X-ray diffraction technique indicated the calcites MgCO3 content up to 7.93 mol.%. Nikani Ghar marble samples have shown lower contents of MgCO3 as compared to samples from Nowshera Formation. The calcite-dolomite-quartz marble has also showed relatively lower MgCO3 content and hence rather low temperature (~500 °C). The temperature reached during peak metamorphism of the investigated marble occurrence, based on calcitedolomite solvus was 628 °C. Metamorphic temperatures derived from the present study were shown as a linear graph and values were in good agreement with the published literature.