Effect of Dysprosia Additive on the Consolidation of CeO2 by Spark Plasma Sintering

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The influence of dysprosia addition on the sintering and resulting microstructure of nano-grained CeO2 ceramics was investigated as functions of the spark plasma sintering parameters. The addition of Dy2O3 (forming a solid solution) resulted in an increase in relative density and a decrease in grain size in sintered samples. The relative density of samples with Dy2O3 content of 6 and 10 mol% was over 95% when sintered at 1050°C under 500 MPa for holding times as short as 5 min. The application of high pressure facilitated the consolidation to relatively high densities with minimal grain growth. Heating rate and holding time, however, had insignificant effect on density but a measurable effect on grain size.