Spring 2023

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Thesis Committee Chair

Lily Lee, MFA

Thesis Committee Members

Kate Walker, MFA

Jon Sadler, MFA

Artist's Statement

My exhibition titled Ecotones challenges perceived hierarchies between human and non-human species, addresses ecological concerns tied to consumerism, and investigates materials at various sites along the Boise River Greenbelt. Ecotones examines a meeting area between recreation and restoration merging art and ecology, through several works titled Leave no Trace, Micro, Synanthrope, Symbiosis, and Trail. This work combines the subjective and objective through both introspection and scientific processes including microscopy, photography, audio, video, performance, and the repurposing of recreational materials. Through interdisciplinary processes, this work alludes to the Boise River Greenbelt as a symbiotic environment between humans and urban wildlife, while also reflecting on the synthetic and organic materiality at various sites. Ecotones investigates both anthropocentrism and ecocentrism between human and non-human species at the intersection of recreation and ecological restoration.