Spring 2022

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Thesis Committee Chair

Caroline Earley, MFA

Thesis Committee Members

Anika Smulovitz, MFA

Lily Lee, MFA

Artist's Statement

"The home is shown to have multiple significances. It can be read as a symbolic container expressing the identities of its inhabitants as well as conveying more general cultural assumptions and beliefs about the world. At the same time, however, there are many conflicts between the agency expressed by individuals, by the family, the household, and by the material structure of the house itself."

The idea of ‘home’ is fabricated and woven between people, places, and objects. Home encapsulates the familial and complex interconnections between accumulated artifacts and shared experience. In my work, I am questioning the idealization of conceptions of home within memory through strategies of obsessive accumulation, repetition, and manipulation of found objects and materials. The home is a facet in the construction of an identity and is informed by the things found within the space; and thus, the role that specific objects play in dysfunctional interactions or paradigms within domestic family life also inform the identity and narrative of an individual. The chosen materials and objects have connotations of the domestic interior and private space linked to relationships and interactions between individuals. By altering, through actions of cutting, stitching, etching, refiring, or bonding, I investigate how individuals and family groups project emotionally charged memories of familial experiences, shared or otherwise, onto objects and materials that were part of or have become signifiers of these experiences. ‘Home’ is commonly a predictable and secure place where one can feel in control. By subverting this idea, each artwork within the exhibition has an unhinged quality and elements that are inaccessible alluding to the dysfunction within relationships and interactions within the home.