The Altered Landscape


The Altered Landscape


Spring 2021

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Thesis Committee Chair

Laurie Blakeslee, MFA

Thesis Committee Members

Niharika Dinkar, Ph.D.
Jonathan Sadler
Dan Scott, MFA

Artist's Statement

My work explores the contemporary urban landscape as a subtle vehicle to create a dehumanizing effect. The urban landscape, including vegetation and built structures, plays an essential role in modern urbanites’ everyday lives. They help people create a sense of place, reinforces their collective memories and communications, and forms the community’s infrastructure. Through These photographs, I want to explore how the economy has altered the landscape and how the dream world of consumption has inscribed values across the urban spaces. These photographs are also a demonstration of culture in transition, and I’m looking into how the power of consumption is blended into the culture and slowing creating a dehumanizing effect. This project is intended to pursue a conversation with ourselves. They are a response to the message we have marked into the earth. As human beings, we need to think intelligently about urbanization and the strain that our habits of consumption put on natural resources and on our souls.

The Altered Landscape