Spring 2020

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Thesis Committee Chair

Jonathan Sadler, MFA

Thesis Committee Members

Lee Ann Turner

Lily Lee, MFA

Tomasz Grusiecki, Ph.D.

Artist's Statement

Earth 2020: we were here is a visual exploration into the complex relationship humans have with the planet we live on. This body of work is an exploration of paradox, a survey of cultural references resonating anxiety, anticipation, uncertainty and hope for the future to come. The paradox identified is between one’s individual human actions and the collective actions of our species in relation to the planet we occupy.

We are in a time characterized by warming, mass extinction and environmental mutation. Characteristics conceived through collective action, change caused by human enterprise. If conceptualized from a non-anthropocentric perspective, 2020 is a year reaping the effects of the exponential growth of the human species. And yet from an anthropocentric view, environmental conservation is the hottest trend on earth. This exhibition is an exploration of these complexities, the ‘science-non fiction’ of Earth 2020.

Additional Information

The untitled instrumental used in the video #NATUREISMETAL was created by the band Earth 2020. It was recorded and produced by Devin Kelly and Jacob Banholzer.

The song was also available on a 6" lathe cut record that was for sale as part of the Merch 4 Earth interactive work. The record sleeves had the following information inside:

Produced by Vengaz
At Hoping Not To Wake Studios

Earth 2020: we were here