The Spaces We Make


The Spaces We Make


Spring 2019

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Thesis Committee Chair

Jon Sadler

Thesis Committee Members

Lily Lee

Craig Peariso

Artist's Statement

Encompassing elements of sculpture, installation, new media, and photography, my work focuses on the relationship between humans and animals within our shared environment. Through a process of research, digging, picking, buying, casting, and fabricating needed components, my work evolves throughout stages, culminating in sculptures and installation-based work, that relies on multiple mediums and practices. These assemblages have a deep connection to world in which we live, borrowing language from the everyday to further conflict feelings of comfort and desire. This desire for material accumulation is examined through my work, by focusing on the relationships we have with our surrounding environments and the animals we share this space with. Working with varying materials, I use animal representations to discuss issues surrounding our use of animals, and the dangers such representations can cause, to humans and animals alike. Working with images comparable to ones I am critiquing points towards my own involvement within these systems of control and proliferation, allowing a reorientation of previously held viewpoints. The works exist to connect our everyday experience with our animal counterparts, and to imagine new ways in which we may exist.

The Spaces We Make