The World According to Don Santo


The World According to Don Santo



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Thesis Committee Chair

Stephanie Bacon, M.F.A.

Thesis Committee Members

Chad Erpelding, M.F.A.

Lily Lee, M.F.A.

Kate Walker, M.F.A.

Artist's Statement

The following project is an investigation on the legacy of colonization, exploring the question of how to produce an object without the colonizers’ presence. By creating a fictional character, myths, and fake computer software I am proposing a different way to respond to this question. Using the notion of the copy as the core to this alternative response, I am testing the idea that the copy of the copy at some point can become its own original.

The main Fictional character of this project is a fake-real Saint called Don Santo. In order to become part of the society Don Santo has appeared to me and given me the message to pass the news to everyone about the new Saint in town. Therefore, I have created a variety of objects, all based on my visions such as paintings of Don Santo, cleaning products, action figures, t-shirts, cd cases, comics, and videos. Now Don Santo needs your help to spread the message of his bible/manual called: Colonial Photoshop. The mission of Don Santo is to overlay God Capitalism, similar as the Spanish did when they overlaid the Incas and Aztecs’ Gods with Catholicism. That’s right, Latin America did not exist, it was invented by myths and copies. Don Santo knows this. He is aware that we are still living in the legacy of colonization. But he also knows that the only way to access this Legacy is through the illusion. Therefore, we need to adapt and accommodate to the Fiction World he has created for us.

The World According to Don Santo