Thermoelectric Properties of the LaCoO3-LaCrO3 System Using a High-Throughput Combinatorial Approach

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A combinatorial film of the LaCo1-xCrxO3 system was fabricated using the LaCoO3 and LaCrO3 targets at the NIST Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) facility. As the ionic size of Cr3+ is greater than that of Co3+, the unit cell volume of the series increases with increasing x. Using a custom screening tool, the Seebeck coefficient of LaCo1-xCrxO3 approaches a measured maximum of 286 μV/K, near to the cobalt-rich end of the film library (with x ≈ 0.49). The resistivity value increases continuously with increasing x. The measured power factor, PF, of this series, which is related to the efficiency of energy conversion, also exhibits a maximum at the composition of x ≈ 0.49, which corresponds to the maximum value of the Seebeck coefficient. Our results illustrate the efficiency of applying the high-throughput combinatorial technique to study thermoelectric materials.