The Effects of a Commercially Available Warm-Up Program on Landing Mechanics in Female Youth Soccer Players

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The purpose of this study was to examine lower extremity kinematics following implementation of the Sportsmetrics Warm-Up for Injury Prevention and Performance (WIPP) training program. The hypothesis was that there would be no difference in landing mechanics between 2 groups of female youth soccer players (9-11 years of age), with 1 group (Treatment) completing the 8-week-duration (2 days per week) WIPP program and the other serving as a Control group. We recruited 21 female youth soccer players. Treatment (n = 12) and Control (n = 9) groups were established. Using the Sportsmetrics Software for Analysis of Jumping Mechanics, we analyzed lower extremity movement during landing after subjects jumped off a 30.5-cm box and immediately went into a vertical jump. No significant changes in knee separation values were observed in the Treatment group after 8 weeks of WIPP training. The results indicate that 8 weeks of WIPP training did not significantly alter landing strategies.

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