Analysis Methods for Characterizing Energy Saving Opportunities from Home Automation Devices Using Smart Meter Data

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Many utility companies have installed Smart Meters (SMs) for residential and commercial buildings in the U.S., which are the part of the Smart Grid (SG) that integrates the electricity grid with communication networks. Along with the growing interest in SMs, the development of the wireless technologies and smart phones has accelerated the applications of Home Automation Devices (HADs) that can also communicate with SMs, Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), and smart phones. However, there are few if any previous studies that analyze the potential energy saving opportunities for homeowners from HADs using interval data recorded by SMs. Therefore, this paper presents five new pre-screening analysis methods that use interval energy consumption data to better characterize building energy use for the residential customers who want energy savings from the use of HADs before they are installed. This paper is part of a larger study that analyzed and measured energy savings from the use of HADs with smart meter data.