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Numerical computations of incompressible flow equations with pressure-based algorithms necessitate the solution of an elliptic Poisson equation, for which multigrid methods are known to be very efficient. In our previous work we presented a dual-level (MPI-CUDA) parallel implementation of the Navier-Stokes equations to simulate buoyancy-driven incompressible fluid flows on GPU clusters with simple iterative methods while focusing on the scalability of the overall solver. In the present study we describe the implementation and performance of a multigrid method to solve the pressure Poisson equation within our MPI-CUDA parallel incompressible flow solver. Various design decisions and algorithmic choices for multigrid methods are explored in light of NVIDIA’s recent Fermi architecture. We discuss how unique aspects of an MPI-CUDA implementation for GPU clusters is related to the software choices made to implement the multigrid method. We propose a new coarse grid solution method of embedded multigrid with amalgamation and show that the parallel implementation retains the numerical efficiency of the multigrid method. Performance measurements on the NCSA Lincoln and TACC Longhorn clusters are presented for up to 64 GPUs.

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