Fall 2021

Type of Culminating Activity

Student research paper


This project sought to understand the reasons/variables for the lack of participation in planning and saving/investing for retirement by the younger generations that are a part of the current workforce. The problem was defined, and the approach was to create a presentation that established the foundational knowledge for retirement investing among high school students (the individuals who are just about to enter the workforce). The presentation was made, along with a short survey, and sent out to high school teachers in Idaho and Texas. The results presented that there is a fundamental lack of knowledge with regards to the subject of retirement planning in general. Based on the feedback from both the teachers and the students, it was very apparent that the very fundamental information that they were introduced to through this project was previously unknown by that vast majority of the participants.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies


Margaret Sass, J.D., Ed.D.


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