Ways to Help Lessen the Pressure on Athletes to Help Their Mental Health


Summer 2022

Type of Culminating Activity

Student presentation


Over the last few years, mental health issues have been on the rise among athletes. The pressures which they are facing are continuing to put a significant strain on who they are and the sport which they once loved. Because of this, I have conducted a project that focuses on ways in which we can help lessen the pressures which they continue to face. Due to the sports world becoming so competitive these athletes are constantly straining their bodies and minds day in and day out, so the least we can do is find a way that can help these athletes outside of there athletic world.

I had a few mentors along the way while completing this project one of the most influential was my professor Jon Schneider. He helped me greatly along the way when I came into any struggles we may be facing. Along with this, another mentor I had along the way was my classmate Berkley Fredrick we were able to discuss our project continuously throughout the process to keep each other on track for what was to come. These mentors played a huge role in my success of this project.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Applied Science


Jon Schneider
Berkley Fredrick


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