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Interdisciplinary research is the collaboration of people fusing knowledge, theories and methodologies from two or more disciplines. Interdisciplinary collaboration can advance fundamental understanding to form a more inclusive means of examining complex issues beyond the scope of a single discipline. The increase of public monies being dedicated to interdisciplinary research is one way federal agencies like the National Science Foundation are trying to foster more collaboration among people of different disciplines. Data is collected from published articles in the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics from 1996 to 2010. Information on authors of each article— occupations, departmental affiliations, positions held, institutional affiliations, and sources of funding—is collected. Since agricultural economics is strongly tied to policy and the increase of funding for interdisciplinary research, I anticipate there will be a rise in the number of interdisciplinary research articles published in the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. I also anticipate that if there are no barriers to joint collaboration between disciplines there will be an increase in the number of tenure track professors engaged in interdisciplinary research. This is a critical issue for professors who are required to publish research in order to receive tenure. This study also has implications for understanding whether difficulties from engaging in interdisciplinary research as opposed to intradisciplinary research for tenure track professors is still relevant.

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Dr. Samia Islam