The study examined the differences between first-generation college students and non-first-generation college students in sexual behavior and alcohol use. Examinations between how first-generation and non-first-generation college students have focused primarily on how they differ academically in college, while sexual behaviors and alcohol use has not been the focus in past literature. A total of 441 college students who enrolled in a general psychology course at a northwestern university took an online questionnaire comprised of various questions referring to sexual behavior and alcohol use. The sample for the study had an even fifty percent split between firstgeneration and non-first-generation college students. Results showed that there were a few differences in sexual behavior and risky sexual behavior between the generational status. There were some differences between white and non-white students and within each gender when referring to sexual behavior and alcohol use. These findings suggest that generational status does not have a strong influence on whether college students engage in sexual behaviors and that other factors should be examined when looking at both sexual and alcohol behaviors.

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