Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Secondary Education

First Advisor

Samuel Coskey


Overview We provide several engaging lesson plans that would aid in the teaching of geometry, specifically targeting Euclidian Geometry, towards students of high school age. The audience of this piece would be high school or college students who have not yet had an introduction to geometry, but have completed the standard mathematical courses leading up to this point (i.e. algebra, elementary math, etc.). This being the case the lessons and concepts realized in Chapter 1 target a basic understanding of what Euclidian Geometry is and the subsequent chapters aim specifically at underlying properties of a geometry. The main source of reference for these lessons and this document is the book Foundations of Geometry Second Edition by Gerard A. Venema.

These lessons are laid out as individual lessons that could be taught at any given point of a class that was dealing with the topic of the lesson at the time. These lessons are snapshots of what would be happening in a classroom and the idea is that lessons and teaching happen in-between each of the individual lessons and ideas presented here. Each chapter will begin with a summary of the main concepts and big ideas to be addressed in the chapter. I then offer the general structure of the lesson and how it could be taught. This includes what the teacher would say in the lesson and student misconceptions and questions. My hope is that this document would act as a teaching resource for teachers looking for individual lesson plans to be implemented in their own classroom during moments that they feel are appropriate. A lesson in this paper should take one class period to teach, which I have timed out at an hour. Being that most class periods are about 45 to 50 minutes this can be shortened or it could be spread out over several days as needed and appropriate. I appreciate your reading of this document and wish you a lovely day, Joseph Willert