Perceptions of Internet-of-Things Surveillance by Human Resource Managers

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Spring 2017


The Internet of Things allows manager to collect a wide variety of data about employees from when they go to the bathroom, how much water they drank, how long did they sit on their chair, and what room they are in. Significant privacy issues are involved here. To analyze the privacy concerns 172 human resource managers from Society for HR Management meetings in Texas were surveyed. The most ethical types of monitoring were analyzing the websites the employees visit, speed while driving organizational vehicles, downloads, and e-mail content. The least ethical were related to employee heart rate, body temperature, time in the bathroom, and daily walking or running steps. There seemed to be little differences in the ratings between respondents who received surveys that implied that managers would give notice to employees versus giving no notice. The authors suggested that the most ethical types of monitoring tended to be the most work-related.

Gundars Kaupins, Boise State University, wrote this original abstract of the paper. This abstract is not shown in the paper itself.

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