Perceptions of Internet-of-Things Surveillance by Human Resource Managers

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Spring 2017


The Internet of Things (IoT) allows organizations to monitor not only the location of employees but also their physical aspects. Through IoT, objects such as heart monitors and coffee cups can be "suddenly Internet-connected, smartphone-accessible, and responsive." (Businessinsider.com, 2014). IoT integrates a variety of devices related to telecommunications, electrical engineering, and computer science. Global positioning systems and radio frequency identification (RFID) badges can monitor employee location. Internet-connected cameras can record break-ins. Smart forks can indicate how fast employees should eat and what they should eat to reduce weight. Smart toilets can monitor illnesses (Bouge, 2014; Dutton, 2014; Johnson, 2014). FitBit and S Health can monitor heart rates and steps taken every day.

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