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Fall 2019


The concussion epidemic has been a major source of discussion among commentators in a variety of different subject areas, as many attempt to determine how to solve this crisis and curb the threat it poses to sport participation. While much of the discussion is centered around professional and intercollegiate sports, amateur youth sports have been affected as well. According to medical researchers, around 600,000 sport- and recreation-related concussions by youth sport participants are treated each year; between 22.5 percent and 52.7 percent of high school students’ concussions are not reported to medical providers for treatment. It may be impossible to entirely remove concussions from sport. Even still, significant efforts have been made by State legislatures and overseeing athletic organizations, including promulgation of effective concussion management policies, education of coaches about the threat of concussions and other head injuries, facilitation of better recognition of concussion symptoms, and encouragement of appropriate action to prevent or minimize secondary injuries.

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