Thinking About Literacy in a Time of Transition

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Literacy has been defined as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing. Each area is complex in their own way, but surely reading is central to all subject disciplines. As we have come to understand learning to read and write, we know that both are complex and involve a developmental process for learners. While reading and writing share a symbiotic relationship so does listening and speaking. Viewing too has expanded beyond television media into the ever present state of advancing technology. In order for students to do well in their literacy development, adults have to understand the tremendous influence they have on the lives of children through role modeling, providing access to print, exploring the environment, and creating hands on experiences. Adults are also key to providing opportunities for children to interact, learn from each other, and share their understanding with adults. Encouraging questions through inquiry learning, and expression through multiple mediums, are necessary for literacy development among youth. In this manuscript, readers will find thoughts and ideas of how this all makes sense in a time of change.

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