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School-university partnerships have been a space for simultaneous renewal and teacher development for decades (Darling-Hammond, 1994; Goodlad, 1994; Teitel, 2003). As a case in point, this article takes a deeper look at how school- and university-based teacher educators experience professional growth and negotiation of partnership contexts, roles, and responsibilities. Recognizing the complexity of teacher development across the professional lifespan, and the tensions of school-university partnership work, we explore the diverse roles and positions from which we come to the work of clinical supervision and school partnership work. To highlight the varied levels of development and professional growth in these hybrid teacher education spaces, we highlight two liaison cases – Hannah, a new tenure-track faculty liaison and Sara, a veteran school-based teacher educator, who is now a district instructional coach and university liaison. As liaisons, Hannah and Sara experience self-doubt, struggle to negotiate power, and strive to sustain relationships. Grappling with finding their place in school-university partnership work, the two liaisons accept the unknown and perceive their work as a process of becoming in teacher education.

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