The Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab supports research activities of linguistics faculty and students, and is home to the Boise Language Project, focusing on the documentation of languages spoken by refugees in the Boise area.




Bankers and Blue-Chippers: An Account of -er Formations in Present-Day English, Mary Ellen Ryder

A Stylistic Analysis of Le Roman de Silence, Mary Ellen Ryder and Linda Marie Zaerr

Psycholinguistic Theory and Modern Performance: Memory as a Key to Variants in Medieval Texts, Mary Ellen Ryder and Linda Marie Zaerr



Newe Hupia: Shoshoni Poetry Songs, Beverly Crum, Earl Crum, and Jon P. Dayley


Tümpisa (Panamint) Shoshone Dictionary, Jon P. Dayley


Tümpisa (Panamint) Shoshone Grammar, Jon P. Dayley

Contributions to Books

Language Identity, Agency, and Context: The Shifting Meanings of "Multilingual", Gail Shuck

Functional Underpinnings of Diachrony in Relative Clause Formation: The Nominalization-Relativization Connection in Northern Paiute, Tim Thornes

Conference Proceedings


Razing the Standards: Building and Implementing a Linguistically Informed K-12 Curriculum in a Climate of Ignorance, Kristin Denham, Anne Lobeck, Michal Temkin Martinez, Jean Mulder, David Pippin, Jeff Reaser, and Graeme Trousdale

On the Interaction of Variation and Exceptionality in Modern Hebrew Spirantization, Michal Temkin Martinez



Sources of Non-conformity in Phonology: Variation and Exceptionality in Modern Hebrew Spirantization (Dissertation), Michal Temkin Martinez



Acceptability of Variation in Modern Hebrew Spirantization, Michal Temkin Martinez


An Experimental Investigation of Variation in Modern Hebrew, Michal Temkin Martinez

Student Presentations


The Phonology of Hiligaynon, Tyler Casperson


Pitch Differences in Bilingual Speakers, Anna Cox


Japanese Sequential Voicing - Rendaku, Zachary Espil

Phonology of Japanese Palatals, Andrew Hayes

Linguistic Features of Kibembe, Ron Hurrle, Max Badesheim III, Victoria Del Toro, Brianne Gardner, Heather Harrington, Hallie Heath, Kelli Jones, Kelsey Montzka, Jordan Pierce, Veronica Roberts, Dustin Svoboda, Savannah Wilson, and Danielle Yarbrough

Development of a New Experiment Demonstrating Categorical Perception, Kelsey Montzka

Linguistic Features of Maay Maay, Sarah Plane, Luke Avichouser, Micha Böttiger, Josh Casten, Candace Coleman, Jesica Dock, Kevin Evans, Benjamin Harris, Andrew Hayes, Justine Knudson, Erik Montgomery, Stefanie Rekow, Erika Shirk, Nicholas Toomey, Christa VanDeVliert, Whitney Weems, Zachary Wegrzyniak, and Deanna Weigel


Linguistic Features of Uzbek, Emily Walton, Larina Lynne, Monica Nesbitt, Tyler Casperson, Michael Christensen, Anna Cox, Janelle Derie, Zachary Espil, Claire Ivins, Erin Lind, and Anneliese Satz

Student Projects


Assessing the Pre-Service Training at the English Language Center, Janelle Derie, Hannah Baker, Emily Walton, David Armitage, Justin Boatwright, Jenny Fothergill, Amanda Fuhriman, April Harrison, Dena Harry, Laura Hopkins, Beth Ultis, and Rebecca Warwick