Albertsons Library Fountain 1968

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RepRap (300 x 300) with a dual extruder using PLA filament, which is a type of thermoplastic made from plant sources


In 2014 the Albertsons Library was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of Boise State University’s first library building. In 1968 the veteran students of Boise State College raised funds to build a War Memorial Mall at the entrance of the library. The water fountain was a highlight of campus for many decades. To commemorate the fountain and the original library, I designed a 3D model of both structures.

I started with historic maps of campus that included locations of sidewalks and building footprints. Those drawings were converted to .STL files and uploaded to TinkerCad. Then, I scanned a 1st level floorplan of the Library from the 1960s and converted the digital file to .STL. After rescaling both files, I merged them into a single object. That object is viewable in Tinkercad (

This object was on display in the Special Collections and Archives exhibit windows in an exhibit that commemorates some of the tributes to Boise State University’s military community that served in combat overseas (Spring 2015).


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Albertsons Library Fountain 1968