Digital Fluency

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Price discusses digital literacy issues that come from SnapChat, a popular photo-sharing app especially popular among younger people. Being aware of what SnapChat and similar apps (all apps for that matter) offer or don’t offer the user, both the pluses and minuses, is key to digital literacy. Then, users (and if needed, parents, guardians, teachers, etc.) need to make the final decision to use or to not use the tools. Vecchione discusses the Mobile Learning Initiative at Boise State University identified as a campus need—to fortify the digital fluency skills of students and faculty. Teaching digital fluency skills to our users is no single discipline’s responsibility, but all are impacted by our users’ level of expertise with everything from email attachments to using mobile devices to creating multimedia presentations.


Presentation given at the Internet Librarian 2013 in Monterey, CA.

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