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One of the most important contributions by any university is its faculty members' scholarship. Providing an interface to view the full scope of an institution's academic accomplishments is vital for promoting both the scholarship and the university at large. Because of their unique information skills and services, librarians can facilitate the discovery of this scholarship on behalf of their institutions. This article explores how Albertsons Library at Boise State University utilizes an institutional repository to produce a faculty publication bibliography. Processes for collecting academic scholarship and organizing the citations within a repository structure are also discussed. Library staff found that this approach not only reduced redundancy and increased the usability of researcher publication data, it also increased the profile and value of the institutional repository.

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This is an electronic version of an article published in New Review of Academic Librarianship, Volume 18, Issue 2. New Review of Academic Librarianship is available online at: DOI: 10.1080/13614533.2012.717901