A Pathway to Professional Success: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Poster Sessions in Library and Information Studies for MLIS Students and New Librarians

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This article is a step-by-step plan for creating a display at a library conference poster session. A poster session is a series of posters from different researchers displayed in a venue at a library conference, similar in concept to a science fair. Each poster explains the results of a research project or shares practical information about a library service. This article takes the reader all the way from brainstorming an idea for a poster to presenting the poster and expanding it into an article. For LIS students, participating in poster sessions is a great way to become involved at library conferences and connect with colleagues in the profession. New librarians who have publishing requirements as part of their scholarly activities should also view poster sessions as a step towards publishing an article-and a step towards succeeding in their performance reviews or earning tenure. Most importantly, poster sessions help everyone in the LIS field exchange ideas so that they can improve the services they offer to patrons. This article is focused on helping LIS students and new librarians with the poster process, but we also hope it will help experienced librarians who have never done a poster and perhaps provide a tip or two for those who are already experienced at creating a poster.

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