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In the "new normal" environment for higher education, libraries must realign themselves much more closely with the university mission, vision, and strategic priorities. In this environment of constant change, libraries must take on new roles and emphasize different priorities. Institutional repository services are essential to this process. This presentation gives examples of the Boise State University ScholarWorks institutional repository+ services and how those services support the mission, vision, and strategic priorities of the university.

Key points include: • Libraries must aggressively realign resources to align with their university’s mission, vision, and strategic goals and priorities. • Universities are changing directions and emphasis and libraries must be part of those changes. • The library must be seen as an integral player in fulfilling the university mission and vision. • Investment in institutional repository+ services is one of the most strategic investments a library can make in this change environment. •Libraries must make reallocations from lower priorities to fund institutional repository services and support scholarly communication initiatives. •There is a short window of time for libraries to make themselves indispensable to their institutions in this change environment.

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