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Universities are realizing the importance of developing research distribution strategies that allow their research and scholarship to be broadly disseminated. Using the research distribution strategies model as a framework provides the following strengths:

•Emphasizes the campus mission, vision, priorities, and strategic plan.

•Provides a far-reaching framework that supports a broad range of individual strategies.

•Shifts the focus of efforts to institutional and faculty priorities of research and scholarship.

•Emphasizes direct benefits to faculty and students.

•Fits the changing publishing and scholarly communication environment.

This presentation describes the role of the institutional repository in carrying out research distribution strategies. It describes ways that Boise State University is using its institutional repository, ScholarWorks, to support research dissemination and the university’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.


Marilyn K. Moody. "Beyond the University: The IR and Research Distribution Strategies.” “Presented at the Berkeley Electronic Press session on “Leveraging Institutional Repositories to Support Your Institution's Strategic Mission.” American Library Association Meeting, 2009. July 2009.

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