We are an energetic team of researchers dedicated to the use of quantitative tools to understanding:
  • Coupled water, energy, and nutrient dynamics at local to regional scales,
  • Feedbacks between land management policy and regional hydroclimate, and
  • Impacts of coupled human-ecohydrologic systems on sustainability of ecosystem services.
This collection contains datasets produced by the LEAF Lab.


Submissions from 2017


Modeled Impacts of Climate Change on Regional Hydrology in the Upper Boise River Basin Idaho, Amy Steimke, Alejandro Flores, Bangshuai Han, Jodi Brandt, and Rebecca Som Castellano

Submissions from 2016


A 30-Year, Multi-Domain High-Resolution Climate Simulation Dataset for the Interior Pacific Northwest and Southern Idaho, Alejandro Flores, Matt Masarik, and Katelyn Watson