Marrying the Agile Framework with InfoSec Management Education

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Information security is in dire need of qualified graduates with the ability to hit the ground running. Yet IS courses in InfoSec management struggle to simply present the breadth of topics available, let alone give students adequate opportunities to practice those skills. Existing literature offers little guidance for instructors to design an applied course in InfoSec management. To address this gap and student needs, we redesigned the InfoSec management course by incorporating an agile framework. This redesign provides avenues for students to acquire technology and soft skills and practice honing those skills, thereby increasing the relevance of the course and producing graduates able to fill the myriad of job openings in the field of information security. The initial analyses of student survey responses are positive, lending support to the effectiveness of the course redesign and contributing in a meaningful way to the IS pedagogy literature. This paper will interest instructors and researchers in information security.

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