Do I Matter?: The Impact of Individual Differences on a Technology-Mediated End User Training Process

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Advances in technology-mediated learning (TML) have created opportunities to personalize learning, based on the assumption that individual differences affect one’s ability to learn. However, cumulative research on individual differences is equivocal, and largely excludes the learning process. The authors argue that without a model that incorporates the process of learning, the authors cannot empirically assess how individual differences influence learning outcomes. This study first models the learning process in terms of two sub-processes: process appropriation and content assimilation. Second, it partially tests the model within a technologymediated learning (TML) environment used to provide end-user IT training. The results support the efficacy of individual differences’ influence on learning outcomes, while shedding light on how this effect occurs. Individual differences affect the appropriation of TML supplied structures, which in turn impacts learning outcomes. The research method used in the study is a laboratory experiment. Data was analyzed using SEM.