Faculty Mentor

Dr. Sara Fry

Document Type

Student Project

Publication Date

Fall 2014


Amanda Gray has been involved with Mobile Rec for 1.5 years, and she says that it has been one of the greatest experiences in her entire life. Amanda's motivation to join Mobile Rec was because she loved working with the kids, and it kept offering her opportunities that made her grow as a person. Amanda says that she also loves helping the kids improve their activity level and their health, and making their lives better through what she does. Most of the schools that Mobile Rec goes to have kids that come from low income families. Amanda treats the kids with respect, and teaches them to treat adults and peers alike with the same kind of respect that they deserve.

Amanda considers herself quite an activity. From saving wetlands to recycling to Mobile Rec, she goes out of her way to make a difference. Amanda wants to make an impact on the kids that she works with. Often, Amanda will ask herself, "I want stuff to change, how can I make that happen?"