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With so much recent attention given to the diagnosis of, treatment of, and recovery from brain injuries, the sports world is now recognizing concussions as a major public health concern. This paper examines the impact of an e-learning course designed to improve student engagement by replicating popular social network features such as blog posts, videos, and the like. Also, this paper outlines the program overview, evaluation procedures, results, implications of the resulting data, and recommendations for further action. Evidence shows that learning took place as a result of taking the Brainbook course. Furthermore, it was found that high-school students had an incomplete understanding about concussions, which could influence their behaviors when it comes to correctly recognizing, preventing, and caring for head injuries. The conclusion was that the integration of social media-like features in the course as a whole was effective for increasing students’ understanding of the causes and effects of concussions and their personal impact.


The published title is, "Brainbook: An Impact Study of a Statewide Concussion Awareness Training for High School Athletes."

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