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Winter 2020


In spite of the wide usage of globally dispersed virtual teams (VT), there has been relatively little research on how leadership affects team performance, particularly with new product development teams in a global VT setting. A research model of VT leadership was developed and evaluated with a confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling for a unique sample of 19 globally dispersed VTs and 25 nationally dispersed VTs in a variety of industries. Results showed that less geographically dispersed VT members have shown higher team performance only when leadership roles were performed effectively. In addition, leadership role effectiveness fully mediated the relationship between the number of team training sessions and team performance. Recommendations for academic researchers and practical implications were suggested.

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Han, S.J.; Kim, M.; Beyerlein, M.; & DeRosa, D. (2020). Leadership Role Effectiveness as a Mediator of Team Performance in New Product Development Virtual Teams. Journal of Leadership Studies, 13(4), 20-36.

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